Be the Best Friend Possible

It is safe to say that most pregnancies start with a level of planning.  Man and woman deciding together to bring a life into this world.  Most of these families have everything in place to make this a reasonable option in life with insurance and a stable income being a great start.  That’s a delightful dream!  But not always the way things play out.  For some women, the news of a new baby to care for is not welcomed news.  Not every event in life is planned.  Perhaps you have a friend who is experiencing exactly that, an unplanned pregnancy.  Your friend is having a moment in life where she feels that there is no way out other than terminating her precious cargo.  What now?  How can YOU help your friend? 

When someone is pregnant and they do not want to be a mom, she may feel termination is the only option.  Her judgment may be clouded with fear of the unknown.  However, she does have choices!  You are just the friend she needs to talk with concerning what choices are available to her. 

She’s more like a sister to you than just a friend. Be informed yourself and be ready to help her make smart choices if she tells you she’s pregnant.

Does she know about local services that are available? Let her know there are encouraging, supportive, non-judgmental people who will guide her through this process for FREE.

Invite her to make an appointment at RPCC to confirm her pregnancy and take a tour of the center.

Offer to take her when she goes to her appointments and learns about her options.  In fact, listen to her explain the options to you afterwards to help her process the information accurately.

Invite her to schedule her appointments before or after lunchtime, so you can have a lunch-date together or with other girlfriends to hear what she is learning or will learn weekly. Women love to talk!

Be with her during her Ultrasound.

Show her love by giving her positive encouragement whenever possible.

Send her cards or photos to give her loving support, confidence, and HOPE.

Hold her hand.

Let her know she’s NOT alone.

She CAN get through this!

Let her know that being pregnant is not the end of the world.

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