Someone once said a crisis is “a decision not made.” The dictionary on my “smart phone” defines crisis as (1) “a stage in a sequence of events at which the trend of all future events, especially for better or worse is determined; turning point.” Or (2) “a dramatic emotional or circumstantial upheaval in a person’s […]

Pregnant? Unsure of what your next step is?

You might be feeling shocked. Or scared. Surprised? Overjoyed? Worried … and REALLY stressed out about “it”.  Lots of emotions and afraid of what to do first.                   My boyfriend/ husband/ father/ that new guy IS NOT GOING TO BE HAPPY WITH THIS! We just met!                                                                        But he told me it couldn’t happen.                                                                I […]

Be the Best Friend Possible

It is safe to say that most pregnancies start with a level of planning.  Man and woman deciding together to bring a life into this world.  Most of these families have everything in place to make this a reasonable option in life with insurance and a stable income being a great start.  That’s a delightful […]


By Gail Edwards Save the trees!!! Save the fairy shrimp! These are both phrases that can be heard throughout America. Even here in Ramona we cannot build a new building on Main St. because of fairy shrimp?!? Wild life is protected.  Animals need protection. But are they the only ones? At the moment, there are […]

Unplanned but Chosen

Unplanned but chosen.  Unplanned does not mean life is over or that you’re without resources. Unplanned means a direction change and a new opportunity.  And what is unplanned is coming from a surprised perspective.  What may be a surprise to you can often be a blessing in disguise like the mystery in an unwrapped gift.  […]

Positive Test? Now What?

“Surprise !?  All I wanted was a closer relationship with my boyfriend, and now I think I have a positive pregnancy test.”   Maybe it’s not true.  How can you know for sure?  This is a serious matter that needs verification, but without breaking the bank.    The Ramona Pregnancy Care Clinic can meet this need by […]


Where can someone facing an unplanned pregnancy find choice?  The word “choice” is used a lot when considering a pregnancy decision. While most people are uncomfortable with the thought of ending a pregnancy, using the word “choice” as a euphemism is more helpful to the abortion movement. But where can one truly find choice? At […]

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