Pregnant? Unsure of what your next step is?

You might be feeling shocked. Or scared. Surprised? Overjoyed? Worried … and REALLY stressed out about “it”.  Lots of emotions and afraid of what to do first.                  

My boyfriend/ husband/ father/ that new guy IS NOT GOING TO BE HAPPY WITH THIS!

We just met!                                                                       

But he told me it couldn’t happen.                                                               

I barely know him.                              

But we only did it once.                                                                

He said he could not have kids. He says he’s not ready to be a dad yet.      

He said he doesn’t ever WANT to have KIDS!                                         

He says it’s not HIS child!  He says he doesn’t love me.                           

He says he will leave me. I couldn’t handle that.                               

He’s already left me.                                                                                                                                          

My parents will KILL ME! They will disown me & not support me. They will kick me out, and I’ll have NO PLACE TO LIVE!                                                                                                                                         

I’ll have to quit school/ my job/ all my plans.   

Don’t abortions cost a lot of money?                                                                                              

Great! Now what? (This can be both either a feeling of DREAD or a JOYFUL feeling of elation.)

I CAN’T AFFORD A baby! I don’t even have a job. How will I support it?

Doesn’t it HURT a lot?

I don’t even have INSURANCE.

In my family/ community/ church/ work field/ culture, it is really looked down upon, even a SIN.

GOD is trying to punish me. He will never forgive me. He probably won’t have anything to do with me now.                                                                                                                                                  

 But I am too _____ (Fill in in the blank): Young…. What do I know about being a MOM? OLD! This can’t be happening to me.

Busy with other things. Involved with my career.

Unprepared for this yet!

It’s just NOT the right time.

But I’ve already had (- – – # ) abortions.

But I just had a baby. I’m still nursing!

I already have – – – kids already! Can things get any worse?! I JUST CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS NOW!                                                                    

This is going to ruin my life.

Sound familiar? Your concerns are important but not uncommon.  There are solutions.

First, BREATHE…. Did you know you have options? It’s NOT the end of the world-It will only be a “crisis” for a short time. You are not the first woman to feel like this, and you certainly won’t be the last.

You are NOT alone! We are here to help you. All of our services are FREE. With loving encouragement and support, you will be able to get through this time of your life.  You are still in control and able to make wise choices WHEN you are thoroughly INFORMED.  Get informed first and then you are equipped to make decisions you hopefully won’t regret.  Fear is your enemy, and you can beat it.  Help is a call away.  Make the CALL to the Pregnancy Clinic: (760) 789-7059. 

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